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Cakes & Waffle Dog Machines

CJ’s is known for the best in shave ice rental equipment and supplies. We have machines supply both tastes for the very fine shave ice flakes as well as the more granular snow cone type treats. If you are looking to rent for your next party and want to be able to stop at one location for both the machine and all the supplies you will need to make your next gathering a cool experience, the CJ’s Shave Ice is the place to come. We have all the supplies for you to create funnel cakes and waffle dogs at your next gathering or party. You no longer need to wait for the carnival to enjoy these treats.

Shave Ice Supplies

Block Model Electric Fine Ice-Shaving Machine: $40.00/24 Hours

Electric Cube Ice-Shaving Machine: $40.00/24 Hours

Block Model Manual Ice Shaver (Includes Pouring Bottle & Gloves): $40.00/24 Hours                         

Shaved Ice Syrups: $9.50/Gal 
  (12 Flavors: Strawberry, Blue Vanilla, Banana, Coconut, Lime, Mango, Watermelon, Bubble Gum, Root Beer, Grape, Li-Hing Mui, Lychee, & Cotton Candy)
    ~ 1 Gallon of Syrup Makes Approx. 50 Shave Ice Cones ~

Pouring Bottles $2 - Spout $0.50

Shaved Ice Cups (250 Pieces): $21.75/Box

Dip Trays: $11.50 (50 Pieces), $22.50 (100 Pieces)

Snow Cap: $2.50/Can

Spoon Straws (200 Pieces a Box): $5.00

Wooden Spoons (100 Pieces a Box): $5.00

Disposable Gloves (500 Pieces a Box): $5.00
Shave ice machine with syrup

Candy Apple Supplies

Candy Apple Dipping Machine: $50.00/24 hours
Candy Apple dipping machine
Deluxe Apple Hacker: $40.00/24 hours
Red Apple, Blue Raspberry, and Grape Mix Concentrate: $5.50
deluxe apple hacker
Hard & Soft Caramel Apple Dip: $29.00
deluxe apple hacker
Apple Bags with Tie: 100/$6.50
deluxe apple hacker

Funnel Cakes &  Waffle Dogs

Waffle Dog Baker Machine: $50.00/24 hours
waffle dog or corn dog maker
Funnel Cake Mix: $12.75
funnel cake mix
Dipsy Corn Dog Mix: $9.00
deluxe apple hacker
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