Cotton Candy, Popcorn & Soft Serve

Honolulu's Cotton Candy and Popcorn Machine Rental 

Colorful cotton candy in clear packages.
Cotton candy being collected from a cotton candy machine.
Filled popcorn bags placed in a popcorn machine.


Who doesn't love popcorn? You can bring everyone's favorite snack to your next party by renting one of our authentic popcorn machines! From classic gourmet machines to glazes and various flavoring salts, we have everything you need to start popping. With low prices and great customer service, you can count on our machines to provide an excellent accompaniment to your other party plans.

Cotton Candy 

We take our cotton candy seriously. That's why we offer a variety of cotton candy machines and supplies for rental and purchase. We have cotton candy machines with floss, machine domes, wagons, paper cones for your candy, floss sugar, and more. We also have a variety of flavors such as vanilla pink, banana, leaping lime, razzle berry, Spooky Fruity Grape, Pina Colada, Wacky Watermelon, Sizzling Lemon, Sassy Apple, Jolly Berry, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, & O-J Orange. That's more than a mouthful of flavor.

Let Us Do The Making

We also offer prepackaged popcorn and cotton candy if you don't have a room for a full machine or time to do it yourself. We offer large and small containers of cotton candy, colored and flavored popcorn, all in printed or unprinted packaging. 

Popcorn Supplies

Popcorn Machine/Scoop: $40.00/24 Hours 

Popcorn Supply Kits (Corn Pops & Oil Good for 7-Ounce Servings): $2.00

Popcorn Bags (100 Pieces, 1-Ounce Bag): $5.00
Flavacol Seasoning Salt: $5.00
Glaze Pop: $5.00/Carton (Flavors: Caramel, Blue Raspberry, Cherry Pink, Grape, & Sweet Corn) 
Cone-or-Corn cups: 250/$11.50 

Popcorn Frosted Bags with Tie (100 Pieces, 3.8-Ounce Bag): $9.00

Cotton Candy Supplies

Cotton Candy Machine with Floss Pan: $40.00/24 Hours

Cotton Candy Machine with Wagon: $85.00/24 Hours

Cotton Candy Dome: $10.00
Cotton Candy Flossugar: $9.00/Carton
Flosstine: $14.75/Can
Cotton Candy Paper Cones (50 Pieces): $4.00

Soft Serve

Soft Serve Mix 6lbs: $16.75

prepackaged cotton candy containers

Prepackaged Items

Pre-Bag Cotton Candy Large 1-Ounce Container: $4.00

Pre-Bag Cotton Candy printed (1/2-Ounce Container): $1.50
prepackaged cotton candy containers
Pre-Bag Cotton Candy Plain (1/2-Ounce Container): $1.00 - Custom Labels for schools and any occasions at additional cost
custom labeled cotton candy containers
Pre-Bag Cotton Candy 1-Ounce Bags (Big): $2.00

Pre-Bag Cotton Candy plain (1/2-Ounce Container): $1.00
deluxe apple hacker
Pre-Bag Colored Popcorn 2-Ounce Bag: $1.50

Pre-Bag Colored Popcorn 22-Ounce Bag: $25.00

Pre-Bag Plain Popcorn 22-Ounce Bag: $8.00
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