Additional Party Supplies

Affordable Party Rentals in Honolulu

Exciting Character Rentals

Children love the characters from their favorite shows and movies. That's why we offer several character rentals for your next party. We provide costume rental or an actor to bring life to the festivities. We offer Mickey and Minnie Mouse for the affordable price of $200 for a day of Disney® fun, as well as other characters to choose from.

  • Sesame Street Characters - Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster: $85.00/24 hour
  • Minnie or Mickey: $100.00/24 hour
  • Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus: $150.00/24 hour
Sponge Bog costume rental

Fun Centerpieces

Bring some decoration to your party table. Centerpieces can be a great way to highlight the cake, presents, and more. We offer a variety of pre-designed or customer made centerpieces that include tasty treats and colorful ribbons. Our selection includes:
  • New ParagraphCenterpieces with Colored Popcorn & Balloon: $14.00 (Balloon Character Head with Container of Colored Popcorn. Various Balloon Characters/Themes)
  • Centerpieces with Colored Popcorn: $9.00
  • Centerpieces with Cotton Candy: $9.00
Prepackaged Cotton candy and popcorn


Full Service Attendant & Planning

Parties should be unique and exciting. That's why CJ's Shave Ice offers supplies for parties of all types including fundraisers, company parties, school events and more. We even help you plan your event and execute it to perfection. Get in contact with one of our friendly staff members to discuss your party, the dates, and what we can do to help you make the best event ever–no matter who the audience may be.  
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